Morphun in Newsweek’s BEST in STEM 2021 list

Do the names: Morphun, STEM, Newsweek sound familiar to you?

They should – because Newsweek posted a list of best STEM toys for 2021. And they chose Morphun as one of the innovations for the incoming year!
Our whole team and CEO Colin Simonds are delighted that we are featured in such a prestigious list.

Being featured in Newsweek’s list of best in STEM toys for 2021 is a big thing but also being posted in the article next to the innovators like Einstein, Edison, and Steve Jobs is more than amazing.

This is how author of the article compares STEM toys creators and users to the most know innovators:

Asked to imagine an inventor, most people probably picture alone genius toiling in solitude: Einstein working out physics formulae or Edison in his pat­ent office or Steve Jobs in his garage. But some of the most creative and dedi­cated inventors are surrounded by other—often much younger, smaller—peo­ple. They’re educators—a category that includes parents. They’re working to raise the next generation of scientists and engineers by providing new ways of learning.

Andrew B. Raupp, Founder & Executive Director at Educational Research™

Take a look at the full article and a full list – and learn about our amazing Morphun STEM sets!