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Morphun Gearphun Ranges

Designed to be strong, durable and flexible in use, the Morphun Gearphun education system learning objectives include:

  • To explore the basic physics of movement and rotation including the effects of friction and creating power. Plus how simple machines need and use gears.
  • Free play where the player or team makes his/her/their own gears systems and explores how they work.
  • Developing team working, following instructions on how to construct a working mechanism.

Gearphun Catalogue

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Morphun Gearphun has been launched with a ‘starter’ level of in-class and in-home instructions, including work cards suitable for graded activities ages 4-8. Gearphun Starter sets include all Junior Starter pieces plus the new Gearphun pieces. This includes: 5 hole brick, 25 hole brick, 5 different size spinning or drive gear wheels, a crank handle and end stops. (Please note, not all Gearphun pieces shown here are available in the starter set).

See Gearphun Starter sets or See some example instruction sheets

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Gearphun Junior sets include all Junior Range pieces plus the new Gearphun pieces. This includes the 5 hole brick, 25 hole brick, spinning and driving gear wheels each in 5 different sizes, a crank handle and end stops. In addition, all sets are supplied with STEM based work cards, with Teacher Guides and Student activities.  Click HERE for an introduction

See Gearphun Junior sets

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Gearphun Chains is an exciting add-on to the Gearphun Junior sets. This range will enable you to connect gears together via chain links and create even more exciting models.

See Gearphun Chains setsGearphun Chains Motorbike Model

Gearphun with added pulleys will offer even more exciting
engineering and STEM model making. Each pulleys set
added into a gears set has 9 pulleys and 4 silicone bands.
8 pages with 4 levels of instructions provided.See Gearphun Pulleys sets