Bigjigs Toys Ltd Review the Morphun STEM range

“Teachers too frequently lack access to high-quality, STEM educational resources, some products lack guidance about what makes STEM resources high quality, and lack support for using available resources effectively.

The New STEM sets from Morphun, offer an array of teachers notes and easy to follow instructions.
The Morphun STEM sets tick every box for teaching STEM…! The range is used in many schools throughout the UK… The new STEM sets consist of gears, pulleys, chains and a variety of teachers notes, which easily helps children understand all elements of STEM…

Teachers and Parents play a key role in shaping children’s early experiences in STEM in schools and
at home, and in creating a new demand for high-quality STEM educational resources, in children’s
early childhood settings is key…

Too often, parents lack the knowledge or confidence to support children’s early STEM education.We  need robust supports, that build adult and child self-efficacy around STEM and I highly recommend the new STEM sets offered by Morphun…”