Review by St Nicholas CE VA Primary School

Ruth Keiran, teacher at St Nicholas CE VA Primary School:

  • “The large amount of different components in the equipment added interest and made the sessions very stimulating for the children.  The children had lots of practise at collaborating to create models and that was excellent as collaboration is a focus at our school.  There was lots of problem solving going on and the lesson plans were helpful for this as they incorporated lots of open questions and challenges.  The children often had to persevere to make their model work or to find the piece they needed and, again, this is a key value at our school.”
  • “The key vocabulary on the lesson plans was also useful as it enabled the children to talk about their learning and to describe what they were doing.  There was lots of counting and spatial problem solving incorporated into the activities so they supported the learning we do in Maths as well as the speaking and listening aspects of English.”
  • “The equipment is equally popular with boys and girls and has been a source of great excitement every time we have got it out.”

Below are some more comments from the pupils:

“I liked the way we had to fix problems, like if something went wrong I enjoyed breaking it up and starting again.” – Boy
“The grippy bits on the bricks are good because the bricks stay together without a base to go on.” – Girl
“I think Morphun is a very good name for it because it is very fun.” – Boy
“I like it because you can make anything you want out of it and you can use your imagination.” – Girl
“It’s fun and satisfying to make moving models, it made me really excited.” – Boy
“The instructions were quite inspiring and gave us good ideas.” – Girl