Mottik was a superb construction product that was invented by John Mott and won many awards in UK and overseas.  Mottik was the first really three dimensional side joining bricks and Triangles system. John invented the idea of a Direction changer (X joiner) that with this triangle idea allows users so much more opportunity to build than Traditional bricks.  Mottik fully used 4 sides of the brick whereas traditional bricks only used two – Simple but brilliant.  See some of the great ideas and models below.

John Mott has also invented many other successful products such as the shoes that flash when you jog or run, and was the first to use carbon fibre in racquets.

Mottik went off to a flying start, but had some financial problems in 1995 due to non-paying customers and was closed down. It has never been brought back in its original form, as there were various issues that could not be solved, but John then was the main inventor of Morphun Advanced bricks in 1997 from which we developed Morphun Junior and other products. See

Morphun uses all the knowledge and experience from Mottik but is even better:
John’s Direction changer is back

The side joining is back but with improved easier joiners

The bricks join on all 6 sides

There are even more models to make

If you liked Mottik  you will love Morphun

Morphun and Mottik are registered trade marks of Morphun London England