Morphun opens Morphun Education Platform for free for all

Dear Morphun Friends,

in this time remote online education is even more valuable than ever.
We in Thinkplay understand the importance of this situation and we decided to help as much as we can.

“Due to Coronavirus Morphun announces free access for all to their educational maths and word platforms until minimum end of June 2020. Something useful for kids ages 4-7 to do at home with no school. Stay well!”

~says Colin Simonds CEO Morphun

For this hard time, we are opening our Morphun Education Platform for anyone that is interested. One only needs to create an account on the platform and will get full free access to all the games.
At the bottom, you can find PDF file with detailed instructions.
Link to the platform:

On the platform we provide:

  • Wordphun games – which help children learn language having a lot of fun (using virtual bricks with letters and pictures)
  • Mathsphun games – all kinds of mathematical games helping kids to learn numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplying and division.
  • and more

Games have different levels of difficulty and show the progress of a kid and are easy to observe this progress by parent/teacher.

You can get one of the two types of account:

  • Family account – for hope use (easier to play in families)
  • School account – for bigger groups of children (even whole class)

Take a look, use what you want and have fun!