Morphun comes out tops with Bloggers!

Morphun comes out tops with Bloggers in an article “Building Blocks for Children – A review of our favorite blocks” by Ewa Wojtan, Polish Educationalist and Blogger.

Morphun blocks are one of the most interesting varieties of building blocks for children of all ages. The blocks connect with each other not only vertically with the studs, but also sideways. Morphun helps the child to discover the little engineer in himself. This is one of those blocks that I think is best for children of all ages, because they are described in detail, contain instructions that are divided into graded stages for different ages and are adapted to the child’s skills. Innovative building possibilities allow you to create unusual buildings and, depending on the set, put them in motion.

Morphun construction blocks are intended for toddlers over 3, 4 and 5 years old. They are available in Junior Starter, Junior Starter Rainbow, Junior and Advanced levels. Sets of blocks dedicated to three-year-olds differ in the degree of complexity of pieces and types of structures that can be built, from blocks intended for older children. All sets are compatible with each other and grow with the age of the child. Gradually, you can expand the construction possibilities, and thanks to this, the toddler constantly rediscovers new possibilities of building with Morphun blocks.