Morphun Manufacturing and Quality

Morphun (by Thinkplay) are committed to manufacturing high quality, long lasting products. All of our products are manufactured in Europe, have EN71, ASTM as well as Phthalate Certificates. They conform to all facets of the new European Toy Directive.

Not only our products, but the packaging is also high quality. Sets are provided in space saving, child friendly plastic bags or durable boxes ensuring easy access to the Morphun bricks. No cardboard boxes to deteriorate. No need to pour everything onto the floor to find that one last piece you were looking for.

Quality Guarantee

Hi-Q Quality Guarantee

Thinkplay ltd, the owners of the Morphun product range are very proud of their high quality long life product range. So many toys have a short life, but ours are designed for many years use. Our products should help children of all IQ levels to develop important skills such as Hand eye coordination, fine motion skills, teamwork, social skills, following instructions, creativity, language and mathematics.

Hi-Q is our guarantee of High Quality. We guarantee our bricks in normal use for 5 years. Any worn out bricks or sets you sent to your National main distributor or to our head office will be replaced free of charge (if accompanied by a receipt or proof of purchase).

The Hi-Q Morphun Quality Guarantee logo

The Morphun Manufacturing Process


Morphun (by Thinkplay) products are developed by our experienced team of in house staff in our UK, Poland and NZ sites. This hugely experienced team, averaging over 25 years in their respective fields, includes Product developers, toy designers, educational experts, model makers and tooling specialists. This long serving and multi-disciplinary team ensures that the products not only look great and have superb quality but are also optimized for the educational development of children who use them.
Prototype products are subjected to rigorous and quality, safety and functional testing before they are signed off for production.
This development process takes up to 2 years from conception to product delivery to ensure that our products are unrivaled in the construction toy industry. This ensures our catalogue of educational toy awards is testament to the results.
Morphun Meeting Room


Our manufacturing takes place at our Poland site where a dedicated ISO 9001 accredited factory produces all of our bricks and other components. This modern and purpose built facility provides us with full control of the manufacturing process and allows full traceability of the materials used in our products. Continuous product testing and careful batch control means that any quality problems can be identified and corrected before the product reaches the packing lines.
Morphun Manufacturing Metplast Factory


We have recently renovated and moved into a new warehouse facility dedicated to our products alone. Managed by our warehouse manager of 15 years service, this clean and efficient facility ensures fast turnover of orders and maintains the cleanliness and condition of our products during their time in transition from manufacture to packing.
Warehouse Storage Morphun Manufacturing


Located in the same building as our warehouse our brand new custom designed packing lines and dedicated staff ensure rapid turnaround of orders and near 0 error rate. Speed and quality of deliveries are paramount to help ensure the satisfaction of our customers.
Morphun Packing Line