The Morphun Hi-Q Guarantee (now increased to 10 years!)

The Morphun Hi-Q Guarantee

Thinkplay ltd, the owners of the Morphun product range are very proud of their High Quality long life product range. HI-Q is our guarantee of High Quality.

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So many toys have a short life and ours are designed for many years use. Our bricks are made to help your child’s development, and especially such things as

– Hand eye coordination.
– Fine motion skills
– Teamwork
– Social skills
– Following instructions
– Creativity
– Language
– Mathematics
– And more

Our product should help children of all IQ levels to develop these important skills.

And now for our guarantee. We Guarantee our bricks in normal use for 10 years. Any worn out bricks or sets you send to your National main distributor or to us within 10 years of purchase (receipt please) will be replaced free of charge.