Good Toy Guide listing for Wordphun and Gearphun

Fundamentally Children awards Recommended status to Morphun in the Good Toy Guide for Wordphun and GearPhun.

What our team of testers said

“Let’s see who can spell the most.” – Girl aged 6
“Look, we can use these ginormous lower case letters.” – Boy aged 6

Skills Developed

  • Improves speech, language and communication skills
  • Develops phonics
  • Great for learning to spell

What our experts think

Using familiar side-joining bricks, this Wordphun set features captivating images and letters a to z and helps children to develop letter recognition and word formation. Our testers were really keen to get going, starting with level 1 and making their way through each level with ease.

It was great to watch the children help each other and work together, which allows them to build their communication skills. They enjoyed matching the pictures to the words, which teaches them about problem-solving and develops their concentration. The bricks are also great for helping children to understand word beginnings and endings as they can piece them together a letter at a time.

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