Gearphun Starter and Junior Xtra 100+ Models sets received How To Homeschool award!

We’re delighted and honored to announce that we have won the Best Elementary Homeschool Curriculum & Resources award from How To Homeschool. With hundreds of nominations and rigorous criteria to win, we’re deeply grateful for this recognition and remain committed to the homeschooling community for yet another year.

Both of our nominated sets have won the awards:

Junior Xtra 100+ Models set

Junior Xtra 100+ Models set is incredibly amazing, with only 200 pieces it has over 100 model instructions available on-line, suitable for age 3 to 8. Four model instruction sheets are in the set, plus a code for the 100 on-line. When purchasing two or more of these sets, customers get access to more instructions for kids to build larger and more challenging models.

Gearphun Starter 400 pcs with Chains and Pulleys add-ons

ThinkPlay Gears Extreme set gives in one huge tub a good spread from the whole Morphun STEM range, including Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths activities. It is supplied in a tub with a range of Instruction sheets, each with incremental levels of difficulty and workcards.
ThinkPlay Gears Extreme set includes Chains and Pulleys, enabling your child to complete an additional 25 projects.
With Chains, child can build a clock, snowplow, and chainsaw, as well as more technical models. Or, creative engineers can assemble new constructions. Pulleys is an engaging way for children to investigate the useful simple machine, pulleys.
The set is designed to explore the basic physics of movement and rotation, effects of friction, creating power, and how simple machines need and use gears, this 488-piece set comes with a whole suite of instructions.
The set is suitable for ages 5-10.

Link to the awards website:

Morphun has a core belief in the growing importance of STEM in education. Manipulative and construction toys are an essential way to develop creative play, fine motion skills, hand eye co-ordination, team work and problem solving skills in children and are essential to STEM. The core educational improvement in Morphun bricks has been to move away from one push fit for vertical joining to a range of different ways to join. Morphun provides a huge range of supporting educational materials (including instructions, guidebooks, workcards).