Free Gears Sets for schools in Manila.

CEO Colin Simonds delivers Free Morphun Gears Sets worth over $10000 for schools in Manila.

As part of the comprehensive program of international live tests of their latest STEM gears products,  Colin Simonds CEO has been travelling around handing out free gears sets worth at least 10000 USD per country to selected countries through the local politicians or Departments of Education.  This has been supported by the British Education is Great brand and in each case the local distributor.   At this huge event in October in Manila  attended by the Mayor Manila Isko Moreno  as well as the British ambassador,  students from a dozen  primary schools tested the product before the sets were handed over to their local schools for extensive further live tests. 

Much fun was had by all especially when the Morphun CEO Colin Simonds attempted to cut off a finger of the Mayor with a toy gears crocodile.  That model now lives in the Mayor’s office.

Further similar events are planned in up to 5 countries in coming months.

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