Morphun Literacy Bricks

Morphun literacy brick add interest and focus to everyday language activities in the classroom. Wordphun exercises include rhyming, matching, word beginnings, word endings, sounds and sentences. 3DXWord on the other hand, provides a fun game with flexible rules and simple scoring to encourage children to practice word formation and spelling.

In addition to the in-class learning, students can now practice online at home. Online licences for 24 students come FREE with our Wordphun board game sets, to be used on the games site. In other words, homework without any marking! Head to to find out more.

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Literacy & Wordphun Product Catalogue

Morphun - 3DXWord

The 3DXWord game uses our award winning Wordphun bricks to create a new spin on a classic game. The essence of all our games is “Inclusion”. With simple rules and scoring, 3DXWord is especially designed to be inclusive for younger players with growing but smaller vocabulary. We recommend this game for ages 5+.

Our unique and patented two or three dimensional crossword game is supplied in large upper case font, with optional image bricks and instructions in various languages.

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3DXWord 3D Game Pieces

Morphun Wordphun Logo

The Wordphun range comes with both uppercase and lowercase in cursive script. Other scripts and languages are available on request. In addition all sets are also available with accompanying picture bricks, as seen here. The child makes a word related to that picture brick, providing visible results, focus, attention, and a fun way of learning.

All sets come with professionally prepared curriculum based class activity sheets including exercises from earliest stages of reading to initial phonics.
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Morphun Wordphun 42024B Lower Case A to Z Set

Morphun Braillephun Logo

Designed for children and adults with a visual impairment who are learning or using Braille. Braillephun letters won the prestigious Practical Pre-School Silver Award in 2010, the Bizzie Baby Gold award in 2011 and the Accessible Toy Award in 2012. British Royal National Institute for the Blind, who are regular customers, provided advice and help during the development of this product.

Players can make words and crosswords to improve their skills as well as play games. Letters are printed under the transparent braille signs on the bricks, therefore activities and games can be shared with sighted players. It is available in the standard Marburg font, immediately recognisable to Braille users. Ages 5+

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Morphun Braillephun Lower Case Letters 42051B