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Customers and teachers helped us overhaul the Advanced range in 2013. “We have received two strong messages over the last year or more“, says Colin Simonds, Managing Director; “that we have now used to develop these updated and improved Advanced sets, which have already won many awards“. Morphun Advanced products come in a variety of ranges and we would recommend all Advanced products for ages 5+. Some Advanced sets come with 200 different model ideas, ensuring that the creativity is endless and children are challenged over a number of years.

A large range of instructions with up to six levels of difficulty can be provided. These instructions range from easy to follow instruction sheets with printed full size models to place the bricks on, to more difficult 3D shapes that they will soon want to build. All sets have wheels and sets over 500 pieces have additional more challenging pieces and instructions.

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Morphun Advanced Logo

Separate joiners provide greater flexibility to our Advanced bricks over the Junior bricks. This flexibility means more creativity, better models and construction on a new scale. Our advertised sets come with 300 – 1000 pieces; guidebooks are also available.

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In Advanced Xtra sets, Morphun’s famous Advanced bricks have additional T and r joiners, combined with our unique direction open up new models, more challenges, more creativity and more fun. Our advertised sets come with 400 – 1000 pieces.

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