Resources to Download

Downloads on this page include example instruction sheets to make our brick models, example instructions to play some of our educational games, and example dealer resources. Simply click on a thumbnail to open the PDF in a new tab.

Note – If you do not see what you need, please refer to the online dealer resources or contact us

Digital Catalogues

Morphun Education Catalogue 2020 – PDF
Morphun Retail Catalogue 2020 – PDF
More to Morphun pdf

The value of Morphun leaflet
Gearphun Starter Launch Flyer PDF Thumbnail
Gearphun Starter Launch Flyer PDF

Morphun Product Age Range Guidlines pdf

Champion Engineer Program

Instruction Leaflet Downloads

Morphun Junior Starter Logo

Junior Starter Level 1A
Junior Starter Level 1A
Junior Starter Level 2A
LT078 Instructions Morphun Junior Starter Level 3A Thumbnail
Junior Starter Level 3A

Morphun Junior Starter Rainbow Logo small

Junior Starter Level 1A
Junior Starter Rainbow Level 2A
Junior Starter Rainbow Level 3A

Morphun Junior Logo
LT080 Instructions Junior Level 4C Thumbnail
Junior Level 4C
LT043 Instructions Junior Level 5A Thumbnail
Junior Level 5A
LT077 Instructions Junior Level 6A Thumbnail
Junior Level 6A

Morphun Advanced Logo

Morphun Advanced Level 1A
Advanced Level 1A
Morphun Advanced Level 2A LT092
Advanced Level 2A
Morphun Advanced Level 3A LT093
Advanced Level 3A

Morphun Advanced Level 4A LT094
Advanced Level 4A
Morphun Advanced Level 5A LT095
Advanced Level 5A
Morphun Advanced Level 6A LT096
Advanced Level 6A

Morphun Gearphun Logo
Gearphun Level 1A
Gearphun Level 2A
Gearphun Level 3A

Morphun Wordphun Logo
LT274 V1 My First 100 Upper Case Words
My First 100 Upper Case Words
LT274 V1 My First 100 Upper Case Words
My First 100 Upper Case Words

Morphun Maths Multiplier Logo

Maths Multiplier Leaflet
Maths Multiplier Leaflet

Morphun Kindermaths Logo

KinderMaths Leaflet
KinderMaths Leaflet

Morphun - 3DXWord

3DXWord Instruction Leaflet
3DXWord Instruction Leaflet

Dealers – contact us to gain access to our online hi-resolution resources.